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Find Your People

Whether it is full search support or extra team capacity, LightBee Talent is proud to provide cost-efficient, high-impact, and goal-driven solutions for the recruitment and staffing of quality, diverse candidates for open roles within your organization or school district.

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In the 21-22 season, LightBee filled over 30 roles with 60% candidates of color, and 65% of those searches were completed in less than 10 weeks.

What We Do

Lightbee Talent creates practical and compelling solutions for both employers and job seekers.

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Employer Services

Talent acquisition can quickly become a full-time job in addition to your ever-growing to-do list. LightBee can help. We’ve filled hundreds of roles in the past 20 years.


Job Seekers

Looking for a job is time-consuming and frustrating. Let LightBee help with a LinkedIn evaluation and redesign, practice interviews, or coming up with a killer answer to “tell me about yourself.”


We are woman-owned, mission-driven, and committed to working in partnership with your organization and stakeholders to ensure successful, quality hires.

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Why LightBee Talent

Our clients are 100% by referral, and we are known for the following:

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We Are Mission-Aligned

We have devoted our careers devoted their careers to addressing the injustice of inequity.


We know what we’re doing

LightBee has extensive experience recruiting and hiring for all levels. 


We know what works and what doesn’t.


We are data-driven in our approach



Call that Reference
(For Employers)

Why you should spend more time calling references. Includes a free resource. References are an integral part of the hiring process. Utilizing references correctly can save you time and money. Learn how! 


Get those references ready (For Job Seekers)

No, your college roommate doesn’t count. And not every boss is the ideal reference. We can offer guidance to ethically put your best foot forward! Includes a free resource.


Using SparkHire?

Here’s a simple rubric to help norm those star ratings.

Former Clients

Lightbee Talent has had the opportunity to support all types of organizations throughout the United States. From charter school networks like KIPP Colorado to nonprofits such as One Million Degrees, we help place highly qualified individuals in roles that match their experience, skills and passions. We recognize the incredible work that our educational and nonprofit institutions are doing, which is why we are committed to support in continued growth through the placement of highly effective candidates!

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