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Employer Services

During the 2021-2022 season, LightBee filled over 30 roles: 60% of those candidates were of color, and we filled over 65% of those roles in 10 weeks or less in this very tight market. 

Based on your budget, team preferences, personality, level of experience and need, we offer the following types of services.

Full Executive Search


LightBee Talent can provide full search support for instructional and non-instructional-based roles, including candidate profiling, sourcing, and selection to identify a roster of vetted applicants for your team to review and potentially meet with. We are not a typical headhunting firm as we allow clients to be as involved in the process as they prefer - from the resume reviewing phase onward. 

We fill searches in all areas and levels, ranging from associate to C-level. We have filled roles in finance, data systems, education technology, instructional coaching, contracts, HR, and development.

A typical search would include:

  • Job description drafting or revising (if needed)

  • Hiring profile

  • Interview process and guides (designed around profile)

  • Hiring profile

  • Stakeholder briefings

  • All recruitment

  • All screening up to the final stages

  • All candidate communications

  • All logistics management


Why choose us?


  • We provide copies of all documents/resources and guides we create as leave-behind resources 

  • Our rates offer a significant discount from industry standards

  • We care deeply about creating a diverse pool, and 60% of our recent placements are BIPOC

  • We are efficient - 60% of recent searches closed in 10 weeks in one of the tightest labor markets in decades

Nested Team Capacity

Is your talent team overloaded and simply needs some additional support?

LightBee can quickly and seamlessly integrate into your existing systems to provide high-quality candidates for your open roles. This service is helpful if your company is going through short-term high growth mode and you don’t need a permanent recruiter on staff or you have someone out on leave and need some additional coverage/support. 


Services offered:


  • Create and execute launch kits for new roles

  • Post jobs online

  • Source candidates via LinkedIn

  • Phone screen candidates 

  • Create interview guides

  • Manage candidate communication, including scheduling interviews 

  • Help schedule candidates with clients

  • Manage communication and internal relationships with hiring managers

  • Act as an interim Director or Manager of Talent 

  • Other talent duties that need coverage

Additionally, Rachel is available to train/mentor/coach new talent acquisition staff.


Comprehensive Analytics

We specialize in creating targeted, individualized solutions that address immediate challenges and provide concrete solutions to your recruitment and staffing needs.

Recruitment Guidance and Execution

  • Comprehensive analysis of current recruitment approach and strategy, including in-depth data analysis and recommendations for future strategy

  • Website/materials review and feedback

  • Social media audit 

  • Candidate experience audit including surveys, correspondence review and process review

  • Review existing Talent Acquisition process and provide feedback and suggestions for improvement (can also include new templates/resources)

  • Additionally, Rachel is available to train/mentor/coach new talent acquisition staff


We offer a range of training (both online or in person)

  • Harnessing the Power of Social Media as a Key Recruitment Strategy

  • Interviewing 101 (for Hiring Managers with no interviewing experience or HMs who need a refresher)

  • Mitigating Bias: Ensuring an Equitable Interview Process

  • Ensuring a Positive Candidate Experience: Recruitment in a Labor Shortage Market


Stand Alone Deliverables

LightBee is available for the one-off creation of deliverables such as:

  • Launch kits for new roles

  • Job description templates

  • Recruitment Workplans and Timelines

  • Candidate rubrics and scorecards

  • Interview guides and question banks

  • Social media marketing materials

  • Candidate correspondence templates

  • Reference check guide and tools

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