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Lightbee Consulting is proud to provide cost efficient, high impact and goal driven solutions for the recruitment and staffing of quality, diverse candidates for open roles within your organization or school district.

Lightbee Consulting creates sensible and compelling solutions for your talent needs!

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Comprehensive recruitment and candidate cultivation 


Effective branding and

Streamlined selection and

Organizational branding
and culture coaching

Talent Searches for Educational and NonProfit Organizations

With over 15 years experience in executive and talent recruitment for the educational and nonprofit sector, Lightbee Consulting has had the opportunity to assist all types of organizations throughout the United States. From  schools like KIPP and Campbell Union High School District, to nonprofits such as JFF and The Opportunity Network, we help place highly qualified individuals in roles that match their experience, skills and passions. We recognize the incredible work that our educational and nonprofit institutions are doing, which is why we are committed to assisting in continued growth through the placement of highly effective candidates!

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