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Before you write bullets full of corporate jargon, you need your career narrative: what is your story, your key strengths and competencies, and your answer to the dreaded “walk me through your career up to this point?” We help you find your key competencies and strengths and provide the language to thread through your resume, and develop key talking points for typical informational interviews. 
What’s included: 45-minute initial consultation with resume feedback, narrative bullets document, and 30-minute follow-up session with job search advice.

Pricing: $235/per narrative

Mock Self Recorded Video Interview

On-Demand Self Recorded Video interviews (e.g., SparkHire) are the new cool thing in recruitment and hiring. In this session, we provide a tailored video interview to the type of role you are seeking, including questions that are typically asked, a recording of your video, written feedback and a thirty-minute coaching session after your video to provide feedback on your performance. 

Pricing: $225/per Mock Self Recorded Recorded Video Interview

LinkedIn Glow-up

LinkedIn is the current recruitment behemoth, and a stand-out profile is essential. After a 20-minute briefing, we create your “brand” from your current resume, including your tagline, headline, and graphics, helping you select an appropriate headshot and build your profile to ensure you stand out to potential employers.

Pricing: $195/per LinkedIn Glow-up

Practice Video Interview Session

Interview practice is one of the best ways to prepare yourself for the Zooming world of recruitment in today’s market. In this session, we provide tailored questions based on your industry and/or job description you are applying for and provide a 45-minute interview, and then a 30-minute debrief, including feedback on how to best present yourself. You will receive a recording of your session along with written feedback on your session.

Pricing: $295/per Practice Video Interview Session

Package Deal

All services above for the discounted rate of $895

Need more information? 

To get started, complete this form,  upload your current resume (in whatever state it’s in) and schedule a 15-minute free consultation LINK TO CALENDLY and let’s chat about what level of support would work best for you and your budget.

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