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Why LightBee Talent

Why LightBee Talent

  • We have dedicated our careers to educational equity for children and young adults living in historically underserved populations

  • The LightBee Consulting team has over 25 combined years of experience designing full-cycle and tailored search campaigns, creating staffing and selection processes, and crafting branded candidate cultivation and engagement strategy, all through the lens of equity. We are a boutique firm that can offer individualized attention with deep industry knowledge without a massive price tag 

  • We deliver personalized, results-oriented service, utilizing data-driven best-practice recruitment and selection strategies from our team of recruitment and staffing experts

Our clients are 100% by referral, and we are known for the following:


We are mission-aligned.

All members of the LightBee team have devoted their careers to addressing the injustice of inequity. We have worked for non-profit organizations, charter management organizations, and school districts. We are a woman-owned firm and pride ourselves in building a respectful, inclusive culture with open lines of collaborative and trusting communication with our clients.


We are data-driven in our approach.

“Data-driven” is certainly over-used in the world of talent and recruitment. Still, we love a spreadsheet and don’t use strategies that we can’t back up with numbers or research, even anecdotally based on our experience. There is no silver bullet in talent acquisition. There is no magic resource of diverse professionals, no secret website for finance candidates wanting to work for non-profits, and no checklist to follow to ensure you find your perfect hire. Recruitment is hard work, and it’s never done. There is always another phone call, another relationship to build, and another candidate to cultivate. There is always something new to try. You can’t merely rely on what’s worked before. We stay informed and analyze what’s working for us and others in our space. 


We know what we’re doing.

LightBee has extensive experience recruiting and hiring for all levels and departments for various school districts, CMO’s, and nonprofit organizations. We understand and appreciate the intricacies of managing the recruitment for an organization serving similar populations and bringing that expertise and knowledge to the process while focusing on bringing in quality, diverse candidates. We are well-connected with substantial networks and are agile in our approach to recruitment strategy, staying on top of trends and being committed to lifelong learning.


We are efficient with time and resources.

We are mindful of budgets and keep our client’s bottom line in mind. We are deadline-driven and backward plan from ideal start dates. We are quick, smart, organized, and flexible.

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